Monday, May 19, 2014

The wreck. Part 1

So Jason got into a fender bender about a week ago.  He's fine, just was a bit sore.  Jason got hit by a guy turning left.  Both parties involved have State Farm insurance.  It has been one confusing answer after another. 

First , the cop couldn't place blame.  We call State Farm and they say it's the cops job to place blame,. We ask the cop again, he says it's not his job.  Jason then called the claims department and was on the phone for about 1/2 hour explaining things and answering questions to get the ball rolling.  We thought we we're good to go.  

Then the plot thickened.

State Farm first told us our car was totaled, then the next day it was repairable.  We were told we had to sign papers to get the car repair started.  Upon signing, I noticed our insurance was to be billed for the damages.  We were under the impression that we were not at fault so I called State Farm to discuss.  They said they just did that to get the repair done till liability was declared. They would pay because again, probably not our fault.  I checked with him to make sure everything was going okay, he checked and said they were waiting for Jason's statement.  ??????  Remember the 1/2 hour convo he had the day of the wreck?  Wasn't that a statement?  Jason called again...... They said they didn't need his statement, they were just waiting for the police report.   Ok.  We asked them how to go about this.  About now I was thinking to myself, why are we the one finding all these things we need? But trying to get it all taken care of, I called police department to get the report.  The police tell me I'm not suppose to get the report, it's the insurances job and that they were trying to get me to get it, to avoid paying the fee. 😡😡😡😡 What?!  I asked if she would stay on the phone while I call State Farm to find out who is REALLY suppose to get the report.  By this point I'm wondering what the crap State Farm is doing for us. A poor administrative assistant gets on the phone and tells me ONE MORE TIME that it's MY job to get the report.  I lose it!  I start yelling at her, she yells at me, the cop soon decides to hang up.  I end up in tears trying to explain all this to the agent, who was nothing but nice.  I'm thinking this is absolutely ridiculous.

Sooo, agent calls claims department, they tell her once again that they are just waiting on Jason's statement.   No, freakin way! ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME?  I thought he just gave it AGAIN..... That day!  I call Jason, he says he gave the statement already again that day and that something was messed up.  I explained that he needed to call them and straighten it out.  He calls, they finally figure out that there are two seperate State Farm cases being confused here, our's and the guy who hit us.  SERIOUSLY?  Surely, two State Farm clients have been in an accident together before our's right?  

Come to find out State Farm had ordered the police report but hadn't received it yet. We could go get it and get reimbursed to speed things up, but it wasn't our job.  

Finally, something sounds correct.

Jump to today. We call to check status; It's almost 2 weeks after the accident.  I make sure the person I'm talking to knows that there are two cases involved.  She explains that the car is listed as a total loss.  Huh?!  Why haven't we been told this?  Then explains liability still hasn't been determined. I leave a message for our case manager. The guy calls Jason back tells him, they got the report but there was something wrong with the report.  

We're smacking our heads by this point!!! We still have only been called once  by State Farm when these things have come up.!!

Oy vi!!!!  We are so discouraged!!!

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