Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Wreck: Part 2

Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, State Farm had the police report, only it was illegible. Perfect! They had received a copy of the report from the guy that had hit Jason in the accident. So, they should just contact him to get another copy right? Yeah well, this wouldn't be a good story if that happened. State Farm that that guy wasn't returning any phone calls any more. He was probably as done with State Farm as we were by this point. So, State Farm had to go through Roy City Police to get another report. They required another fee for this report which, State Farm paid but from the sound of it, it took them a while to still get it in their possession. Of course, it did.

 Next, we got a final word from State Farm that the car had been totaled. After it'd been sitting at a repair shop for oh, about 2 weeks?? But, because they had no legible police report, no liability could be determined yet. We were not offered a rental car in the 2 and 1/2 weeks since the wreck.  Really? 2 1/2 weeks later?  Would've been nice like 2 1/2 hours after the accident.  Luckily, Wood's had a car we were able to use during that time!

 We were told we could go ahead and use our insurance to get a claim check minus our deductible in order to purchase a new vehicle. After liability was determined, we would get a refund of the deductible. Yes. We agreed. They processed the claim and gave us a very generous amount of money for the vehicle. We were impressed with that. Also, they agreed to over night the check to our agent's office free of charge. Very nice. Thank you!

 Last week, on my ride into work, my agent's assistant call me to let me know that the check was in their office and to come and get it. Awesome! I kindly ask her if they had taken the deductible out and they had. Then I asked her if she would call the claims department to find out if they were able to determine liability at that point. She basically fumbled for a few minutes and then said that there was a bunch of paperwork there that would explain all I need to know when I come in. Now, this is the same girl I yelled at and who told us to begin with that it was the police's job to determine fault on the day of the accident which just confused us because the cop said it was not his job, it was the insurance's job. Also, I basically have the same type of job she does. I know that if a client asks me to call and check on something, I say sure, do it, and get back to them as soon as possible. So, here I am, I'm a client, asking her to complete a task for me. She basically tells me no. In that moment, I just sort of blinked my eyes a few times in disbelief of her lack of professionalism. Not wanting any more trouble, I said thank you, goodbye.

 Later that same day, as I texted my agent. Remember how sweet she was to me? She was great! She mentioned she would be willing to drive the check out to our house that night. I explained I wouldn't be home till later and would she wouldn't mind dropping it by work? She agreed. How very nice! That was very appreciated.

I decided I needed to bring some of the problems I had with her assistant to her attention. I hate doing this type of thing. So, I wrote out some of the problems that I had with her assistant on paper so when I was speaking, I wouldn't get side tracked. She came, she delivered the check, she listened to my complaints. She stood up for State Farm, as she should. She touted that  '3 weeks is a pretty speedy time to receive a check.' I'm not sure I agree with that. I go on to mention a few other things and she says she'll talk to her assistant later that day about but for the most part she stood up for her team.  Which, I totally understand and think is good.  However, well, I just wanted her to know so some other schmuck down the road doesn't get as confused as we were all along.  I hope I reached that goal.

 I tried to be as fair as possible with the assistant, knowing how awful it feels to be ratted on by a client, but I just didn't feel like I was treated as I should have been. Now, may be the assistant feels the same way??  Every story has two sides.

Jump to today. We have bought a new car. We're happy with it! But still no deductible reimbursement check.........

We've already given our info to another agent to begin quotes with another company.

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