Monday, June 2, 2014

Family History Video Munroe

My paternal grandmother, Doris, is the only grandparent who was alive long enough for me to have an abundant amount of memories with. I used to clean her house, sit at her kitchen bar while she fed me Spaghetti'o's over and over again, play checkers and Rummikub and Bunco with, play with her jewelry, talk to, sleep in the 'blue room' when it was too late to drive all the way home, have friends over to her house and watch all the old Star Wars movies at, play downstairs at her big bar, play in the 'red room' with the screen that appeared as if from nowhere, play Croquet in the front and side yard, and all around love. I miss her a lot! 

My Aunt just recently shared this video and I'm so glad she did!
 Grandma Doris is in this video. She's the first one to speak and just seeing this video brings back so many memories. 

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