Friday, March 17, 2017

Ellyse A.K.A. Motivational Chalker

All the way up and down our sidewalks, and the neighbor's too, Ellyse has written all these beautiful messages.  What a sweet girl!!

February Happenings 2017

 Darby Got Married!  It had been a long time since we'd been to a temple wedding.  It was fabulous.

The Cutest.
I love it when Sadie plays soccer with herself.
Allie practicing her beam routine.

My birthday!!  Wahoo!!!
I shopped all day with my momma and went to lunch with her.  So so fun!!  Then we ended the night with the Lego Movie as a family.

My friends and family spoiled me!!

 Sweet sweet people around me sent me birthday love!
 Jason took me down to 'Ovo.'  It was a cirque de soliel show.  Pretty dang cool!
 He even agreed to take a selfie with me.  Wow!

Christmas Day 2016

 I couldn't sleep past 5:15.  So we were up then!  Yay!  I love Christmas!!
Snow!  Snow! Snow! For! Days!!  Tons of snow!!!  Had to shovel twice on Christmas Day.

 Jason's surprise gift was BB8.  He surprised us all with Lagoon season passes!!  Yay!

Ellyse finally got her Squishy!!