Sunday, July 22, 2018

Spring 2018 Part 2

Gorgeous Scenery in Ogden Valley.

Allie and Emma in the same dress.

Memorial Day.

We flew away to Phoenix for some fun.
Lake Powell, I think.
Our 'Bachelor Pad' for a night or two.  AirBandB dubbed this place that.  It was a decent size home but definitely could use some cleaning.  We had a good time here, enjoying the AC inside.

While the boys were at baseball games, I ended up going to an Art Museum. I came across this gem on the way to the Art Museum. 

The entrance was a work of Art.
Oh beautiful lighting, how I love thee.

Let's just say, I enjoyed my evening.  All of these knocked my socks off.

This a display where you can pull the lights switches on or off.  So cool. There were so many lights.

Proof that art is subjective.

A map of Constantinople.  It looked like it was made on a piece of linen.  It took up an entire wall. 

This was amaze balls! It was stunning.  I think it's ashes of some sort suspended in mid air.

My brother and sister in law took our kids for us while we were away and these are some of the photos we were sent from them.

The other night that the boys were at the baseball game, I made my way to the Phoenix temple.  It was gorgeous.

Off to San Diego we go.  We flew in the morning.  There's really no better way to start your day.

Thee coolest item at the farmer's market!!

This was while the boys were at a day game.  The Seal Tour was way fun and cool!

This ship was used in Pirates of the Carribean and then the studio sold it to the city of San Diego for 1.00 on the condition that they never let any other movie studio use it in a film.

Just a beautiful boat.

The Seal Tour took us out on the water to see, what else, Sea Lions.  No Seals.  ?????  I dunno why they named themselves the seal tour.

See those things in the water?  They're submarines.

That's what the boat/bus that I'm on looked like.

Old Town San Diego.  That is a big book of scripture.

Cactus tree plant the size of our bedroom.

Ben dressed a member of the Mormon Battalion.  The visitor's center really has quite the production now!  They've updated it quite a bit.  It's pretty cool.

Leaving San Diego. Excited to see my girlies again!

Cherry Hill with cousins.

Shauncy threw us a going away party.  Here are a few of the people we will miss so much.