Sunday, July 17, 2016

Allie's 9th birthday

Surprise! She got tumbling equipment for her birthday!  Who would've thought?! ;)

An example of how wonderfully sweet and thoughtful she can be.

The Rich family had a school assignment of organizing a community event.  It just happened to be at our park by our house and it was full of all kinds of fun activities.  It was as if they planned Allie's birthday activity for me.

That evening we went with the Wood's to Classic Fun Center.  The kids had a blast.

Oh dear sweet Allie,  you are such a light to our lives.  You remind us often of how happy we should be in life.  You have your own way to do everything and are continually showing us how talented you are in so many different parts of your life.  We are eternally grateful for you in our lives!  Love, mama and daddy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ellyse got her ears pierced. Again. Finally.

So, after texting back and forth with. A BOY! Ellyse couldn't get it out of her head that she needed to get her ears pierced. She already had her ears pierced when she was 4 but due to an incredibly horrible infection behind her ear, she was traumatized for years. I kept joking with her that we were going to go get them pierced that day but she'd freak out. Apparently, peer pressure works.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter was very eventful this year.  I personally loved the FHE night the very best.  It was just a few hours of perfection that did our souls good.

We are so grateful for our Savior and His self sacrifice of atoning for and dying for our sins so that we can live with Him once again.  Happy Easter to you and yours.

Now enjoy this overload of photos.

 Allie researched on the internet Easter symbols and gave them to us as a FHE.

1st Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma D's

 Easter Morning

 Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma C's.  Carson was on a mission, Boston was sleeping from getting home late from Prom the day prior.

 This was the 1st year we gave the kids the 'opportunity' to hide the other kids eggs instead of the adults hiding them.  Brilliant!  Except when my kid decides to put the egg in the exhaust pipe of the water heater.  ;)  Grandpa had to suck it out with the vacuum.  The Easter Bunny also got an egg stuck in the pole of the laundry line outside our house this year.  Silly Bunny.

About 3 weeks after Easter, Autoliv hosted it's Spring Fling.  Basically, an easter egg hunt on steriods.  The kids were late and still came away like bandits!  We saw a bike being given away, a stroller, kids had pillow cases worth of candy and toys.  It was nuts.  

This picture was taken before we went out and combed the fields and came back in with handfuls of extra stuff.
The epitome of Easter right? Greed. :)