Thursday, January 11, 2018

October 2017

Fall in Roy. Beautiful.

Sadie's weird expression and a leaf the size of a pizza.

Tessa's weird expression inside the 'cow house' at Black Island Farms.  That little one wanted me inside that house one minute then didn't even want me to look at her from outside the house the next.  Good luck to her parents. ;)
Allie in the corn 'sand box.'
Pickin our pumpkins.  This year's harvest was smaller than usual due to the weather.
Inside decor

Outside decor.  Ahem, someone couldn't keep their pants on.

Baby zombies.  Always a crowd pleaser.

Yummy soup in yummy soup bowls.

Allie's Art Project at school.

Allie's 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Neal

Ward Halloween Party

Cherry Hill fun.  It was fun for the kids but my mind was elsewhere dealing with some issues we were dealing with at junior high and the craziness that ensues during that time.

A certain somebody's birthday.  It's his last year in a certain decade.  I'll let you guess which decade.

Check out that odometer reading.  I couldn't help but record it.

For our Egan Family Halloween Party.

Cute little unicorn.

Brit always bringing the fun and games to our get-togethers.

Halloween Parade at school.
Mrs. Neal
And a horribly timed photo of miss Allie.
Trick or Treating

Do you see 'it?'
The fog machine

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
Masqueraders, Ariana Grande, and a Greek Goddess

Candy queen with a lollipop wand.


Dr. DK.  Get it?