Monday, October 22, 2018

Jason's 40th!! Birthday Weekend

What a weekend!!  It started out with dinner with the Egan's and then on to Thriller.  Way fun but waayy tooo long! 3 hours!

We planned a surprise party.  I made a few mistakes and Jason was pretty wise to my plans but it was still pretty fun!

 The theme was 'The 3 Amigo's' from the eighties. It's one of Jason's favorite films.  The film takes place in Santa Pocos and we did a fiesta type party.
 The moment of surprise.

 The pinata was a hit!  Pun intended.

The movie is set in Mexico in the summer.  El Guapo receives a big party with a plethora of pinatas and he receives a gift of a sweater.  We had people bring ugly sweaters.  Cindy won with the dino shooting lightning out of its mouth.

The Invisible Swordsman.

The singing bush.

New York Life had a special event at the Ute's football game that night and we were lucky enough to score tickets.  It was super fun!  I learned a lot about football that night.  Jason has wanted to go to a Utes game for a few years now and the fact that it worked out for his birthday was icing on the top! 

A super person deserves a super day!  I love you baby!  Happy 40th ya old man!

Fall 2018 part 1

 Consequences of living with a Halloween Addict.

We had some lovely family photo's taken out on Antelope Island.  I'd never been out there before.  It was quite a fun evening actually.
 First time driving a ride on lawnmower.  It was fun too!
 Grandparent's Day at Elementary School. Grandma Diane went with Allie.  It was so cute.

Jason's new position at work requires some work travel.  BOO!  But, we got to go out to eat at Olive Garden!  Jason does not like Olive Garden at all so we took full advantage.

I found a beautifully landscaped park near our new house.  I love the sound of falling water.

Jacob got his Eagle Scout.  Here is the Eagle's nest at the presentation.

Darby had her baby boy, Drew!  It's been a while since we've had a baby around.  Way to go Darby and Dave!

September Card Party with the Cousins.  I absolutely LOVE this photo!  I love that my girls have cousins that are friends.

I was called to be the first counselor in the Primary for our ward in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We were initiated quickly by having to come up with a program in a few months out of nowhere.  It turned out to be a wonderful program!!

The kids walked up the aisles from the back while singing I am a child of God to begin the program.  It was a fun change.

 Ava turned 12!  What?!  Again, I'm so grateful for family close by so that cousins can be friends too.

We each got to create a work of art.  Her whole party was art themed and was decorated so darling!

Lagoon's Pioneer Village turns into a darling little decorated piece of wonderful autumness during Frightmares.  It was lovely!

October is full of fun things to do.  Black Island Farms was nice.  They had to move this year due to Legacy Highway so it wasn't as cool as in years past but still fun!