Thursday, April 19, 2018

Winter 2018

In winter, you take the fun small breaks you can get.  
 Celebrated Jason's promotion!

 Valentines Day Stuff.

 Cousin play time.  This was after Sky.

 My birthday was amazing, as usual.  I really appreciate how many people help make my birthday special!
 Random Sunday night fun at grandmas.

 Allie accused us of not ever wanting to hang out with them, meaning the girls. So, we showed them.  Took them ice skating.  It was fun.
 Finished my birthday present after HOURS of work.  And still had one piece missing. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

November 2017

Malan's peak baby!!

Allie won a coloring contest and won 20.00!  Wow!

Birthday party for Ellyse's friend.
Thanksgiving was nice!  All of us were able to meet this year at my parent's house instead of some of  us being with other family.  We celebrated our parent's birthdays that day and we made a 13 days of birthday gift for mom.  She really liked it and we really liked putting it together and also seeing her open each days' gift.
This came in the mail!!  So exciting!!

December 2017

The Ogden City Christmas Parade. If you look close, Mr. Claus is in the background.

We asked Allie to come up with a Christmas list.  When she first gave it to me, it only had the first 4 things listed below on it.  Note the Cheese balls.  You know those cheese balls in a big ol bin at the grocery stores?  Yep, that's what she wanted.  Plus, all these crappy board games and a really expensive Ipod.  Basically, it was a no go.  

I gave it back to her after the first 4 weren't enough, minus the Ipod, which we didn't get anyway, she brought it back with 26 items. :) 

When I then asked her to narrow it down she said okay mom, I'll circle, no, I'll put a check mark by the ones that I REALLY want.  

Check out how many check marks there are.

Ellyse went to her first Jr. High dance.  She said she had fun.

Stake Conference Weekend sleepover.

We got Sadie a new toy and let her play with it for a minute and then wrapped it and put in under the tree.  She was DETERMINED to get that toy back before Christmas.  She sat by the tree and would look at the wrapped bag and then look at us and look back.  

Jason graduated again!!!

Hey Mr! We know it has been a Rocky Road and all your energy is gone. :(.  Now you can Finally crawl into bed and get some sleep knowing you were an extra-ordinary graduate.

Thanks for coming Tiff and Taylor.

We made the Weber State Instagram Page. I had no idea that they got this shot.  Kind of a fun surprise.

Finished our Christmas puzzle.  What is it about finishing a puzzle?  It' so rewarding.  

I wanted to celebrate with a photo.  Jason did not.  

Christmas Eve.  My fav.

Could not get a good photo of dad and his gift despite multiple attempts.

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year so we were not able to get a church for the celebration.  That did not stop us though.  No!  We know how to party on the Wood side!  We all squished into a basement and had ourselves a party.

It was a white Christmas! I believe that is 3 years in a row!  That's pretty lucky!
It was a glorious morning!

The girls after they exchanged their own gifts that they got each other.

Christmas night was pizza game night and chocolate fondue night!  So so so much fun!!

And now, January is upon us and real life begins again. Blah.