Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Ah Easter.  A beautiful time of year that we take the time to celebrate our Lord and Savior's resurrection egg hunts!
A few weeks before Easter, Jason's work does a really good egg hunt. The kids go away with tons of stuff.
Take a good look at how much stuff is on the ground.

Seriously though. Look at how full those bags are.

It's a bit of a family tradition to stop and see the chicks and ducks at IFA after that particular hunt.

For Family Home Evening, we dyed the eggs and hopefully, included a quick lesson on the true meaning of Easter.  See, Jason's demonstrating the part about how we die first, then comes resurrection.

Easter at Egan's. No egg hunt this year.  Wahoo!!!  Poor Allie though.  She wasn't as happy with this new development.

Easter morning.

Easter morning videos.

Easter at the Wood's house.  Yay!  Allie got her egg hunt.
Each grandchild got to find eggs, a sucker, and a SPARKLING EGG!  They each got a special surprise in these eggs.
Wood's egg hunt.

I forgot how hard it is to get a good photo of a lot of little kids.  I'm going to go ahead and include the ones that didn't quite make the cut because they're pretty funny.

Here's the best one. Sorry little dude.

Losing the littlest one quickly.

Annnd that's a wrap!  All in under 15 seconds.

ps.  Yes, we do in fact teach our kids about the incredible importance of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I have of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection.  I know that Jesus Christ lives and knows of our individual lives and helps us each day. If you would like to know more about our faith, please click here.

April Happenings

Spring Break!! Not tons of fun for our kids although while I was working, Kallie took the girls ice skating with Grace. At least they have a nice aunts to take them to do fun things.

Allie's class went on a field trip and let me come along.  We went to the Nature Conservancy.  It was cool and overcast for most of it so naturally, I froze.  Then the rains came.  Oh boy!  FREEZING!

At one point, the guide was asking the kids about the water cycle and all the kids said they knew a song about the water cycle.  She was so excited to hear it and so was I!  Ms. Bishop was with our group and we were chatting.  I mentioned to her how cute that was and she said that she made up that song.  How cool is that?  I love how amazing the teachers have been in our school!

Look at that huge nest!

And the highlight of the trip?  Da Da Da Da!  Regurgitated bird for the win.  The circle of life lesson came to life -pun intended- for those kids that day.

Playing with bugs.  Gross!
Our little Kyra got to be the center of attention with a demonstration about aquatic invertebrate.

We were taking family photos and I'm not so great at picking out outfits so I enlisted the help of an old friend.  I sent about 15 of these bad boys back and forth in order to come up with the right combo of clothes.  What a sport she was!

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  We all got together, took photo's and ate at Timbermine.  It was a wonderful evening with all the family there to celebrate together.  Here are all the grandkids together.
Dinner in our banquet room.  Pretty cool.

The house suffered a flood this spring.  We had one heck of a Winter and Spring this year.  The water levels were out of control and what we think happened was a pipe froze and then a pin point tiny hole opened up behind the sauna room.  The flood happened in March and all the carpet got pulled out of the basement as well as half the furniture.  My mom kept smelling something and my dad investigated further.  Found the leak behind the sauna and had to pull apart the entire thing in order to get to the leak.  It's pretty sad though because he was the one who finished the basement and when he installed the sauna, he put foam against the cement, then a layer of plastic wrap around the whole thing, then insulation, then the drywall, the then wood paneling to boot.  They never got around to getting a sauna heater so it basically stood as a really well insulated closet all those years.  Made for a very long deconstruct!
Remember the crazy Spring I was mentioning?  Crazy Hale storm one day.  I was genuinely worried that it was going to damage our cars.

Administrative Assistant Day.  Those lilies smelled up the entire room!

And a little rap from some of the boys on the field trip.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Birthday Number 10!!

Friend partay! Minute to win it games. Super fun! They all had a pretty good time. It wasn't too bad of a party to host. It was nice to have plenty of games to play and lots of prizes to give away.

Bounce the ball into the water cup.

Play Dough sculpting contest.

Suck up all the candy you can in a minute.
Pick up Penne with Spaghetti

Present time!

Gracie's Awesome Card!

Jason had to sleep in on her actual birthday so he could work graveyard the next night, so we opened her gifts the night before. 

On her actual birthday, we hosted dinner and the weekly get together at our house. 

Oh miss Allie, you are an amazing, bright, beautiful soul and our lives would not be anything near how great they are if you weren't around.  We love you to pieces!!