Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

 This post is going to be short -word wise- and very long photo-wise.  Saturday morning hunt with cousins in their neighborhood.

 Allie got the special surprise chevron bag.....with some help from me.  I didn't know I wasn't suppose to help.  Whoops. :)  She got to pick a prize.  I'm pretty sure it was bubbles.

Sunday Morning

 Special treasure hunt for the shoes.  Please never mind the mess.

 My parent's home on Sunday.  Sadie got a basket!!  :)  How sweet!!

Quintessential Easter egg hiding spot!!!  The storm drain!

 Sunday afternoon at the park with the Cowles side.
 And trying to master one tiny little picture can be so hard!  Hint: watch the little blond chick in the back.

 We gave up on the little blond chick in the back. :)

Happy Easter!

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