Friday, April 25, 2014

Update Feb-April 2014

Hey there! Guess what?! You get an update! Woooo!! (I'll make it quick) We had a few nieces and nephews birthdays to attend.

This was too cute not to get on film/tape/the record? Whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days.

Another nieces birthday celebration.  ...Almost there kiddo....keep on reachin'.
There was a holiday mixed in there wherein the kids and cousins dove into the local pool for 'leprechaun treasure.'
Our version of this terribly terribly catchy song.

Sadie practiced patience with this ball for a looong time.  Seriously!  She just sat a stared at it.  May be she thought she could control it with her mind???
Ellyse and I have been discussing changing the way her room is decorated.  She says she wants to incorporate zebra print and purple into her room.  I happen to come across a steal of a deal for this comforter so went ahead and got it ahead of time.  She's planning on changing things around for her birthday - in July.   Consider this a partial before picture.
Allie needed a new chest of drawers in a bad way.  We caved and went shopping. 
We added this to our order as well.  The cup however, is not a piece of decor. ;) Just holding water is all.
Sadie practiced more patience with us.
Enjoying lovely cupcakes at a local cupcakery.  YUMMM!!

The oldest suddenly came up with the idea she wanted shorter hair.  I was so down with that idea! For the past oh, 17 years it seems like the only hair do she'll sport is a pony tail.  I was much obliged to cut it all off so a pony tail wasn't an option any longer.  I think it turned out fabulous!

Oh happiness that I finally blogged again.  :)  We'll see you in two more months.  If I make it before then, well, I'm ahead of schedule.

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