Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza 2014!!

Once again.....Blown away!!  

Massage in the morning of my actual birthay. So wonderful!

I took this picture of this console at Massage Envy because I loved it and wanted to show Jason how amazing it is that a console can produce heat and send it out into the living room.  ;)
 Then shopping all day with my momma!  I updated some of the decorations around our home.  It was fabulous!
 That evening Egan's offered to take the girls so Jason and I could go see a movie.  That was super cool of them!  We went to see Willamina.  A very good show!

Saturday afternoon, after dropping the girls off at Wood's.  Which was super cool of them to do also! Jason took me to 'Get Some Ammo' and we shot guns!  Um, SOOO fun!!  It was a blast!!
 This is the second target we used.  The first one had a bunch of holes up around the top right by it's head.  That was before Jason taught me how to use the thingy you look through to aim properly. 
 Oh, here it is.  Amazing aim I have. ;)
 Then, down to Anniversary Inn to Savannah Nights room.  It was gorgeous!!  That door is an entryway to a turret.  It has a nice table in there for dining.

 Dinner at Brio at City Creek.  Very swanky and completely overpriced but way fun every once in a while!
 The next day was super warm so we took a little jaunt up to Memory Grove Park in SLC.  I found it to be really pretty and frankly, quiet nice to have a memorial in SLC that's not dedicated solely to the pioneers.  I found an Egan on the list of soldiers.  Pretty cool!
 World War I soldiers who gave their lives.

The Wood's took us out for dinner and a movie the next weekend also.  I'm one lucky gal!

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Andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! a few months later... sorry! i need to check out your blog more often!!! ya'll are growing!!! love how long your hair is!!!