Monday, August 6, 2012

It's great to be 8!

Over the weekend, Ellyse was able to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Here are a 'few' pictures of her day. :)

In the scriptures we learn that when we are in the service of our fellow men, we are only in the service of our God.  (Mosiah 2:17)

We were truly blessed to have so many people give us so much service on the day of and prior to the baptism! I know I'll forget people when I start listing names so please forgive me if I fail to mention you.  Please know that I noted all the wonderful things that were done, given, said, helped with, and was truly amazed at the service we received!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Carol, also mentioned below, gave Ellyse a white towel with her name embroidered on it in white.  What a special gift that meant so much!  It is in the 1st picture.

Aunt Amy helped me find the dress at an incredible rate!  Super glad she was on the ball!

Grandma Jolene worked meticulously on the mending of the dress. Very much obliged to her for her help with this incredibly delicate process that I no doubt would've been screaming had I tried to do it alone.

 A very gracious young women in our ward showed up at our house at 7:15 to braid Ellyse's hair!  I'm no good at braiding so, I begged her to help.  Jamie was scheduled to be in a parade at 8 so, she had to come even earlier.  What a very kind soul to get up extra early to serve! Thanks so much Jamie!!  It turned out wonderful!
 The Bishop's wife made up the program and was there to help with anything we needed. My new visiting teacher was there also and she brought some pictures of Ellyse that she had framed and had up for display. Plus, she took the wet clothes and took care of the them for me after the baptism because, as she put it, "you have enough to worry about."  How incredibly wonderful of them!

 The tablecloth below belonged to my grandma Doris who died several years ago.  I have since lost or had some of the things broken that I was able to keep from her house, except this.  What a fun way to bring a little of her into the special day!
 Our Ari and our Carol.  The kids love these two people!  Ari is our babysitter and sang 'I'm trying to be like Jesus' while Carol, my very dedicated and beloved past visiting teacher played piano (and embroidered the towel mentioned above).  We are so grateful for their service!
Our Bishop and 2nd Counselor. They both took the time out of their busy lives to be there.

The members of my family that were in attendance.  All my nephews gave prayers.  Mom and Dad brought about 30 things for the luncheon afterwards and all gave a ton of love and support! My dad was a witness. 

 I had to 'keep it together' so to speak, during the day but when I saw my family show up it was hard to fight back the tears.

 Jason's Parents.  ALWAYS overly helpful!  Helped out with the luncheon and gave Ellyse her first set of monogrammed scriptures and carrying case.  Ellyse was elated and wouldn't stop carrying them around on Sunday. :)  Diane also gave a marvelous talk during the service and Brent was a witness.  Diane mentioned in her talk that when we are baptized that we need to bear one another's burdens.  These two do a tremendous job at that!  How grateful we are for our families!
 Her daddy baptized her and also did about a million things behind the scenes to help make the day so special.
 Almost forgot to get a family shot.
 Cute Girl Cousins...

Plus, everyone brought things to share for the luncheon which was amazing!  There was so much help throughout the day and gifts or thoughts or cards that were given to Ellyse to make it such a special day.  How grateful I am for all who helped in any way!  I love you all and appreciate you making this incredibly special day even better for Ellyse and all of us!!

I know our Heavenly Father was served today by all that was done in our behalf. 

We are so proud of Ellyse and her decision to get baptized!  We know that the key to happiness lies in following Jesus' example.  Ellyse did just that this day.

On a some what different note:

Another great thing about turning 8?  Activity Days!  Holy schmoly life is moving at crazy fast speed!!
This was her first day of activity days and she loved it!!

Wasn't she just a baby last week?


Carly said...

Beautiful dress and congrats to Ellyse!

The Anderson's said...

Congratulations to Ellyse! She looks beautiful and what a special day for her and your family.

Ben Read said...

Leesee you look just like an angel. I wish we could have been there to share this special day with you. Always remember who you are, a daughter of God and return to Him with honor. Love ya E/S Read

jenny said...

Amazing dress, she is beaming, congrats cannot believe she is already 8. Spirituality is so important along with service to others and I hope she continues to thrive in that.

Andrea said...

oh my word! 8!!!! that is so crazy! she looks gorgeous! what a fantastic dress!! i also find it really funny that you of all people have troubles braiding!!! you're a hair queen! (aren't you?) you certainly did my hair a lot...

John and Kathy said...

We are SO sorry we missed this special day. Ellyse looks beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress, she is the one who makes the dress pretty. So glad it was such a nice and special day for her. She is a great example to my girls.