Thursday, August 9, 2012

Allie Cat...

Our little Allie has a BIG personality and some BIG fears.  One of them has ended up being going to Kindergarten.  She's had a trial of Kindergarten this week.  Just 4 days for a few hours each day is all. Boy oh boy did she ever let everyone know how unhappy she was about it!  I felt like the worst parent ever when I just turned and walked away from her on the 3rd and 4th day. When I left her, I could hear her screaming all the way down the hallway.  :(

This was at the Kindergarten teachers request. Bless her heart for dealing with a child feeling abandoned.

* Insert my heart melting *

The teacher said she does fine after a bit of crying but that initial feeling of being left is super scary for her.  I'm hoping it will get better as the year goes by but judging from this week, we both have a lot of growing up to do.

On another note, we recently went through 2 hours of widdling out closets and pulling down 'new' old clothes for Allie. I have to give her tons of props for not being interested in having to have 'new' things and being totally content on hand-me-downs.  This helps out tremendously as we have to go shopping all together and Ellyse is the only one that ends up with the purchases. 

Ellyse insisted on a new backpack even though her old one is perfectly fine.  Allie completely loved getting Ellyse's old one and I think it may have helped in the the transistion to Kindergarten just a bit.  Love, love, love that Allie's being content about this!


Lisa said...

Poor Allie :( It will pass :) Lolo LOVES hand-me-downs. Even if an item is too big she will still wear it. In fact, when the older sis gets something new, Lolo will respond, "it'll be mine soon." Miss you-we need to go to lunch or something :) Oh yeah, your niece is on Diva's comp soccer team-lots of fun!

jenny said...

not that it will help much but I did the same thing when I started school and ended up loving it after awhile, maybe she is a mama's girl like me. Some people would disagree but I turned out ok and graduated with a 3.9 and a scholarship, maybe she is a genius and just holding off letting everyone know? :)