Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun Staycation in Heber.

This past weekend the Wood's and us were able to go to a fun little cabin right by Jordanelle reservoir and get bit by mosquito's  enjoy some fun family time together! 

Friday afternoon we played at a place called Jungle Jims around Union Square in Salt Lake City.  If you are looking for a fun indoor activity that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, this is the place.  Adults get in free too!
 Spinning thingy.
 The other spinney thingy.
 Just in case you're wondering why Allie looks a little funny, she got a mosquito bite on her forehead  that was swollen.  So, we did what any loving parent would do and we called her Spock for the day gave her lots of extra attention and love for the day.
 On spinney thingy.
 Bumper cars
 Park City.
 The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake.  REALLY cool museum that combines art with science!  Two of my favorite things!  Loved it!

 Jason and Lance saw this gadget table and it was like they instantly gravitated toward it and started tinkering around.  It was cute to see them so enthralled with it.  Like two kids in a candy store.
In the background there you can see that they have a little demonstration going on with bubbles.  Here are a few videos that show a little of what was happening.

Upstairs they had this x-ray machine that showed your skeleton as you moved around.  It would get pretty messed up though and it was hilarious to watch. I got some footage of it but I'm just warning you of how awful the footage is ahead of time.  I was laughing too hard to keep the camera straight.  But you can tell that it's pretty funny to see some one's skeleton dancing around.

We were staying close to The Zermatt Resort and the Homestead.  We hadn't been there before so we headed there to take a look around. I absolutely fell in love with Midway, the city where the resorts are!  Everywhere I looked I was in awe of well, the cuteness of it.   Zermatt wasn't bad either. 

We also took a raft down the Provo River too. It was nice and calm. A little too nice and calm if you ask me. We were surrounded by beautiful scenery and fun family. What more do you need?

OH!! And HEY!  I got my very best Shanghai Rummy score ever up there!!  125 baby!!! Those of you who may have played that game with me before know how rare a thing it is to 1. see me win. and 2.  Not get near 1000 points in a game.  I'm movin on up people!!

Brent knows how to plan a vacation well.  He did another great job this time!


Anthon Family said...

Midway and the Homestead are awesome. I really want to go to that museum, too. And awesome job on the Shanghai Rummy, I haven't played that forever. Great post!

jenny said...

Jungle Jim's is good, Ella not a fan of going alone though so I guess I should have her take a friend and.....the LEONARDO, is amazing right up the street from our house, fun times

Natalie said...

I have never heard of the Leonardo. I guess we'll have to check it out when we are in town again.