Friday, May 21, 2010

Like moths to a flame

Recent goings on at our house... AS. SOON. as I turn on the hair dryer, the one that's so loud and right next to my ears that I can't possibly hear what others are saying...AS.SOON. as I turn it on, in comes Ellyse or Allie to ask or tell me something. Invariably, I have to turn the blasted thing off several times while I'm drying my hair to find out what they just said and then answer their questions. My dryer gets so hot sometimes that when I turn it back on it takes a good 10 seconds to get back up to the high setting again. Such a pain. So, I've tried and tried to explain that I can't hear them when the dryer's on, yet rarely, there is a day that goes by that this doesn't happen.

Wehehell, today I got smart and shut the bathroom door and locked it. I turned on the exceptionally loud hair dryer. . . . then came the wailing and knashing of teeth right. outside. the. door.

Impossible children.

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LeLe said...

Ha ha ha!! Yup! Sounds just like a scene from my house.