Monday, May 24, 2010

Follow up to the Follow up

Last month I set out to do something. . . .see here to be reminded.
Well, today's the day I was suppose to be down 5 lb.s and I when I weighed in last time, I was down 3.5 lb.'s Yay! I didn't stick to the plan as good as I'd hoped but at least a little bit of weight came off! Here's to hoping that with my medication being done soon, I'll be able to knock off a few more pounds then too!

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Andrea said...

I've heard that it's hard with that medication ~ so 3.5 sounds pretty darn good!!!!! I love your quote by Marjorie Pay ~ I had to write it down. Divine!!!!! It really makes fabulous sense and is a great reminder! So glad that you put it up on your blog!!