Monday, April 19, 2010

Follow up

On Saturday I tried the deck of cards workout and it was nice but went waaay to fast. I started out with 30 cards and it only took me about 10-12 minutes to complete. I felt like that wasn't enough of a workout for me so I kept the same cards, shuffled them, but gave new meaning to the red or black cards. I kept jumping jacks in for cardio and to keep the heart rate up but I switched up the other cards for sit-ups and shoulder presses. It worked but wasn't my fave workout. I think it's good for a change and possibly on days that you just don't want to work out on a machine.

Here's what I'm thinking- lose 5+ lb.s to fit more comfortably in my clothes, get rid of some of the excess fat around my midsection, and be more ready for swimsuit season that is so closely upon us. I'm going to:

Work out for 40-60 munutes a day/6 days a week, possibly add a few nightly walks/bike rides with the kiddos. Remember, I'm a bit of a freak with exercise.
Try and keep calories per weekday to 1600 max. (I've tried going lower than this and I don't like how ornery it makes me, neither does my family :) )This, this my friends, is where I seem to fail miserably!!
Weekend Evenings only will I splurge a bit. I really need to keep my slurges in a bit more control however.
By doing these things, I hope to lose a pound a week for 5 weeks. AKA May 24th.

Anyone else want to sign up?


Lisa said...

I am actually starting a cleanse tomorrow, so i will be rooting you on as well!! Good luck-it looks like a good plan. BTW-GO Cougs!

Kent said...