Friday, April 16, 2010

A switch up in workout routine

Fitness and nutrition are one of my passions. I usually LOVE to workout and I've found my motivation lacking a bit lately. I've picked up more running on a treadmill but limitations with my knee keep me from doing some of things I'd like and well, doing the same machines over and over get monotonous and couterproductive as well.

I think a huge part of it is seeing absolutely no results and seeing my face swell up from the medication that I'm currently on. It feels extremely counterproductive to see no results and or go in the opposite direction, weight wise, that I'm looking to head in. I do, however, know better and will keep it up as long as I can. Aaaannnnyway...I ran into this website recently and found a switch up in a workout and thought I'd share.

From what I understand, this woman is a trainer but also a mother of 3 chillins and manages to stay fit and keep a rockin body. I've enjoyed what I've read so far and well, here it is. Try it out. I know I will.Deck of cards workout

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Stacy said...

Hey J - I'm so totally NOT motivated, but really, really need to be! A lot of the ladies in my neighborhood are doing Zumba. You ought to try it out!