Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crazy Tornado

 I don't always pay attention to the weather reports.  That Thursday at work, I had no idea  we were in for a huge storm. I sit at a desk that faces away from the window inside a double door in a huge concrete building.  I was pretty much oblivious to the storm.  A client happened to swing by the office that day at the exact time that the tornado decided to touch down in Riverdale and Washington Terrace.   Washington Terrace is only about a few miles from where I work and all the sudden, he brought my attention to the storm outside.  I turned to see the rain coming in sideways and hardly able to see the lights in the parking lot!  The outside door began swinging wildly open and shut.  Rain pummeled through the open door and there was a small lake inside the swinging door.   The power flickered and then went out.  The phone rang.  Allie was screaming that she was scared. When asked where dad was, she said he'd gone to grab a bite to eat before heading to school.  I was so flustered and all I wanted to do was be home safe with my family.  I'm surprised our client got anything accomplished regarding his policy that day.  I ended up having to make up for forgotten things later once things calmed down.  It was a pretty quick moving storm so it was done after about 20 minutes or so but the damage it left.....

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