Sunday, December 4, 2016

Halloween 2016

These photo's uploaded really out of order.  It will take way too long to organize them easily.  The ones in front of the house are all from Daren and Tiff's camera.  They come and take photo's with their kids in Jason's Halloween yard.  It was probably my most favorite yard decor to date.  

 Yummy Treats and Pumpkin Carving.

I stumbled onto a youtuber that decorates cakes and cookies. She has tutorial's and it became my mission to watch them and follow along.  These cookies are my attempt.  If you're interested her name is Julia Usher.  Watching her videos is like doing hours of meditative yoga.

Yard Haunts.  This one is the Ogden Manor Mansion.  Wow!!  Just Wow!

Allie at her school parade.

Trick or Treating.  Our sweet neighbors use their garage as a meeting place and have seats set up and just take it a step further on Halloween night.

Brent.  Being Brent.

Jason is Michael Myers on Vacation.  

And my favorite.

What fun!  I must admit I was slightly depressed this year once Halloween was over.  I'm turning into 'one of those.'  Heaven help me. 

Happy Halloween!

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