Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fun trip to Solitude.

Over Labor Day weekend, we headed up to one of our very favorite spots.  Solitude!  Grandpa Brent graciously rents out a condo for all 3 of our families and we get to hang out together for 3 whole days!  Saturday, we went down into town and played around a bit.

Ellyse is still young enough to play store.  This makes me happy!

Couldn't get miss E out of the kitchen.

Cool green screen TV activity.

A cool computer that takes your picture and you can pretend to be whatever you want to be.

 Mama has never been more proud of her little girl than this. ;)

Just a video of me watching my girlies play.

Family 'Sammwhich' Train!

 I love to see Ellyse be a great babysitter.

We had such an amazing time together, as usual.  Other fun highlights were the fire alarm going off on the morning we were suppose to leave at 10AM and so we got to stay a few hours longer due to the inconvenience.  GAME NIGHT! Always a hit in my mind.  Seeing a moose on the mountainside. Oh, and we got to hear all about Tessa's adventures in her darling little head.  Just take a listen.

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