Monday, December 15, 2014

Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Well, hello there! 

This year was a bit strange for me. I did not see my side of the family at all. We were in charge of a cooking the turkey and that prevented us from running all over.  We got up, ate, watched the parade and went on a nice walk.  The weather this year has been incredibly warmer than usual.

We were able to go to the North Ogden area and it turned out wonderful. Look at all this delightful food!

This year the Read's went and got enough supplies for all of us to put together 75 hygiene kits for The humanitarian department? of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The older kids stood on one side of the table and the younger kids went down the other side filling their baggies with necessary items. Moment's like these will be those that we will remember for years and years!


Ellyse is wearing her 'designer' non-prescription frames that her friend gave to her one day. Which, by the way, her friend wants back when she's 12.  :)
Tangent: Do your kids come home from friend's homes with all kinds of random items? Ours do a lot! I ask my kids where these things come from and they say that their friends just give them to them.  I have called parents to make sure my kids aren't running some sort of theft ring, and they all seem to be on the up and up.  It seems a bit odd to me that their friends just up and give them stuff all the time.  There's a kid in Allie's class that's handing her dollar bills every now and again.  Strange? I should probably make another phone call.....
Family members had to do a double take when they saw Ellyse that day. She usually can't pull her hair all up that high and hardly ever wears earrings or glasses.  I guess she wanted to accessorize her way through Thanksgiving this year.
* * *
Our annual tradition of 'pin the thing you're thankful for on the turkey's butt.'  Is that not THEE most graceful name of a family tradition you've ever heard?!
Jason named him the Grateful Gobbler.
Attempts to get my girls to cooperate with the camera were a bit futile.  Notice Ellyse's church shoes with her pj.'s.  Girl loves her accessories!

Allie's like backing Ellyse into a corner in these ones.
I'm so grateful for these two and my wonderful hubby!  I feel truly blessed! 

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