Monday, December 15, 2014

Ellyse's Choir performances.

Little Lesee Lou has been getting up twice a week super early to attend choir at school.  Here are a few of their performances. 

There were no risers or anything for the kids in the back to stand on so we could actually see their faces.  It would have been nice if the first row was all the shortest kids or if the first row was kneeling or sitting in chairs or something.  Can you tell I'm a bit upset?  I had to remind myself.....bigger picture... constantly while watching.

I'm so proud of her getting herself up and ready and off to choir so independently!  It's very satisfying to know that she can do these types of things on her own.  Plus, it's so great that she's found something that she likes doing!  Way to go miss Ellyse!!

If you can't tell from my earlier rant, Ellyse is in the third row back behind the beautiful although very tall girl in the front row.  Ahem...bigger picture...

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