Monday, November 3, 2014

Octoberpalooza 2014

Woo Boy! Did we ever have an October full of events! Here's a bit of a synopsis.
The yard was set up Sleepy Hollow style.  It had a pretty cool cemetery nestled alongside it as well as a cool archway over our driveway.  Probably my favorite year of decorating so far.  The guy below was hoisted onto our flagpole and it looked down upon any who dared enter.
See those skulls right there?  They lit up at night and flickered.  The archway was also illuminated.

Black Island Farms is always a hit.  The rule is that you have to be able to carry your pumpkin that you choose from the pumpkin patch.  Ellyse must have been bulking up for the event because she came away with the largest of the bunch.

South Weber has a cool park that has permanent train tracks for this little engine that could.  They hosted  a free event for Halloween that let the kids and full sized adults in on the train riding action.  It was a small but mighty little train!

Behold! The renaissance queen atop her throne.
Then thing two came along and pushed her off.
Once a year we get to see my dad's side of the family at a Halloween gathering.  We eat, play bingo, trunk or treat, and enjoy ourselves.  We owe a lot of thanks to Rod and Marilyn for pulling off the event every year!

Brittny had a baby shower and this 'baby' won me some Baby Ruth bars, popcorn, and a gift card!  It was a drawing done with the paper plate held up to my forehead.
Witch a poolza/ Zombie Crawl on 25th street was where we headed next.  The carnival was free and had a bunch of free games and music.   Nothing like a puppy to signify Halloween. Amiright?
You can't really tell from this pic but you're looking at a gaggle of witches dressed to the nines.  The costumes that made it to the carnival were pretty impressive.
This took 3! THREE! attempts.  Good thing it was only a buck. :)

Scary Hill! Cherry Hill gets all dolled up for Halloween and we get to go and enjoy it with the Egan's.  It wasn't crazy chilly, we've had a wonderfully mild fall this year, but this night happened to be the chilliest of them all.
Allie's quite the little acrobat!  She's made it to the top numerous times and loves the challenge!

Jason's first costume.  Rabbi Wood at your service.
Halloween night!  I have no idea who Lance is suppose to be. He told me.  I forgot.  Brent is Lee.  Leebola.  :)  Quite fitting for the moment.  Colter, Emma, Tessa (their new baby), and Britt all went as ninja turtles.  Darling!!

Jason's second costume.  'Texas spoon Massacre'  because the gas for the chainsaw is just too damn expensive. :)

And some non Halloween activities.  I got to go with Ellyse on her field trip to the Utah Geological Survey field trip this year.  It was pretty darn interesting!  They got to pan for gold and minerals, look at real live fossils and rocks that glowed in the dark.  They got to create a flood situation in a fake town to show how erosion works and see how a certain type of rock can be sliced in half with a very small knife.  I always did enjoy science more than any other subject.
 This last photo is of an activity that we found on Pinterest.  We scored some marbles at the Egan party from playing Bingo.  I cut pool noodles in half and they raced their marbles down the stairs.  It entertained them for a minute or two.  See?  Sometimes we have fun at home.
Hope your October was a good one!

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