Friday, September 12, 2014

Park City Staycation

Labor Day weekend we went to Park City with the Wood's. The unit on the end that's closest to the mountain is where we were able to stay.  It was a double decker condo with beautiful views!  Park City is gorgeous.  See how the leaves are already changing?  And this was two weeks ago. 
Saturday afternoon we drove up through Midway to get to Soldier Hollow for the sheep-herding championship dog festival. 

Big mistake! 

We should have driven around Midway but the map made it seem like it would be quicker going through Midway.  The map did not know it was Swiss Days and that we would be line with 50K other people trying to get into Midway.

Once we did arrive, it was so fun!  We got to see dogs herding sheep through an obstacle course and dogs jumping into water after their toys.  One dog jumped something like 24 feet off the ledge.  Dogs are pretty cool.

They also had a K9 unit demonstration.
This video was taken by Allie and I have not watched it so, beware??? 

We went to a fun little boutique type thing they have up in Park City.  Ellyse chose to make her own jump rope and Allie chose to make the art project shown below.  There was a bicycle with a strap contraption and some circle type thing that would spin, then the kids would drop the paint in one spot and it would make all these cool designs.

A certain person  was let loose and there was a mistake made. Can you see it?  We made up for it.

We took the bus into town so we didn't have to find parking.  While we were waiting for the bus, I gave the kids a 'job' to keep them occupied/out of the way/out of the street.  Ellyse was first to try and take a photo of all of us.
Allie was next.
Allie trying one last time.
Then Colter gave it a whirl.
Allie finally got a good shot.
There was a Labor Day parade in Park City.  I'm not sure if you can consider it a parade, may be a political party/ fundraiser / look at me in my fancy car show?
Thanks again Wood's! 

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