Monday, August 18, 2014

Solitude! 2014

We -heart-Solitude!! 
One of all of our favorite traditions that we have is taking a weekend and heading up the beautiful mountains to Solitude Ski Resort in the summer.  Brent has got it so that he has requested the same condo every time we've went.  We joke we'll buy it someday. They say 90% of jokes are the truth.  Hopefully, we'll be able to continue to go every year or just buy the darn place!

Friday night we stopped at Smash burger before heading up the mountains.  The first night, we usually swim and relax up there.

Saturday is our adventure day.
 This year we made it to the Loveland Aquarium. 

Walking the tight rope in the Safari area.

 This guy is the 'baby.'

 Jason's favorite are the turtles.
 Those are the cutest fishies I've ever seen!
 Pregnant sea horses.  The males are the pregnant ones. I can thank Ross from 'Friends' for that knowledge.
 After the Aquarium, half of us wanted to head home, half wanted to stop at Scheels.  On our way to Scheels we saw the following.  See way over there? Those are flames shooting out from the white car.  See the white Truck and Suv?  That's where we were waiting to turn left whilst the car continued to fume.  We were sitting ducks.  No where to go really, and it was scary to just sit there waiting for the turn signal while the car started to really catch fire.  I was super surprised the cops didn't stop traffic. 
 Want to hear the kicker?  Some guy in the parking lot of Scheels, where this photo was taken, saw me taking the picture and said he went past it too. He noticed the sticker on the car on fire.  It was a 'buy me for only $$$$ sign' indicating that it was for sale by a car dealership. The guy mentioned that the couple in the car on fire were on a test drive.  :) 
 We'd never been to Scheels before so we had to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel and get some free fudge samples.  Sidenote: I was just finishing up a book about the first Ferris Wheel at the World's fair in Chicago ( The Devil in the White City),  it was fun to  see how far we've come.
 Sunday is our out to breakfast, swim, relax, and card playing day!!  The card playing is my most favorite.

 Brit has mentioned that Jason is the Emma whisperer. ;)  She laid like this for like 30 minutes, didn't hardly move, but never feel asleep!  It was darling to watch them cuddle!

 Still not asleep!

 Then came the card playing time!!!!! One of my most looked-forward to times all year.  You might be thinking, Wow Jul! Way to shoot for the stars. A card game is the highlight of your year?  But, first, before you judge, you have to play cards with our family! 
 We eat junk food, poke fun, and laugh a whole lot more than we play cards.  Brent has, as he puts it, outgrown the game.  He waits around patiently until it's over.  This time he took the kids down to get ice cream and then entertained them with movie trivia.  We're talking like, who is the second cameraman in Back to the Future type trivia.  And the kids were totally eating it up!! It was hilarious and darling all at the same time! The kids were enthralled,!  I captured a bit of it and you can hear our squeals of laughter in the background.  What a fun night!!!

 Monday we packed up and left...alway not fun.  We went to Jungle Jim's and Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch. We even got in another round of cards while letting the kids play.

Such fun!!  Can't wait till next year!

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