Monday, July 14, 2014

The Fourth and weekend...

We had just returned from Chicago the week of the 4th and then it was the 4th... party, party, party!
We are usually in the parade but just didn't have the gumption to this year.  So, we lazily sat and watched.  I must say, it's a lot easier to just sit and watch.

 Especially, when you get to see princesses!!

This year, we shook it up a bit. We went swimming instead of a movie.  It was fun!  The kids loved it!

 The Rich's hosted us yet again but their redneck neighbors didn't make it home in time for their annual drunken firework show,  so all the boys and Taycina went and sprung for some fireworks.  

Water volleyball was a hit!

 That weekend we got together with some of our fave peeps and had dinner at one of our fave spots.  That's a lot of faves... These two are second cousins.  H was suppose to be born about a week or two before Allie.  Allie was born a month before H due to preclampsia.  They both lost their two front teeth within days of each other.   What cute kids!!

We went out to my brother's cul de sac of fire that evening.  It was fun!

They have baby birds in their neighbor's front yard.  So cool!

 Okay, so the night prior to this, Allie was all kinds of wrapped up in my arms in fear of the fireworks.  Wouldn't hardly go near them.  This night, one night later, she's out in the middle of them, playing around.   ????    How does that work??

 This little guy wandered into our backyard and stayed with our family for a few hours.  He and Sadie got along swimmingly.  They nicknamed him Rambo.  After a few run away attempts, we just let him go.  We figured, he probably knew his way home.
At least he had his freedom for a minute.  I'm so grateful for our freedom!!

Happy 4th of July!

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