Monday, July 14, 2014

A fun weekend! Ellyse's birthday!!

 Treats at Harmons.  We had to explain to Allie that even though her name was on the coke, it wasn't her's without paying for it first.
Saturday was Lagoon!  Wahoo!!  Lots of fun and lots of sweat!  100 degrees is not fun when you're in the sun all day.  The girls and I got there about noon and stayed till about 11!  Fun, fun, fun!!!

The girls had just got soaked.

We celebrated Ellyse's 10th birthday with the family.  Thanks to all those that came!
Emma is adorbs!

We've redecorated Ellyse's room for her birthday this year.  She chose teal walls with black and white zebra print accents.

After - Sort of.... not completely done yet.
  She's super into zebra's right now.  So....

 My attempt at zebra stripes.  Ummm,  if you squint real hard.... they TOTALLY look like zebra stripes. 

 Ellyse showing off her darling outfit giving by grandma's.
Ellyse's real birthday isn't until tomorrow but here comes the gushiness.  Lesee Lou, you are just the glue that holds everything together some days!  You're attitude toward helping others and being the peacemaker really makes our lives so much better!  I love you're girly girl life!  You can put an outfit together better than me most days!  You're love for shoes is truly a testament to girls everywhere.  I can't imagine our lives without you in them!  You are so beautiful, kind, funny, and loving!  I love you more and more each day!!  Love, mama.   Happy birthday sweet pea!

Later update:  Her friend water party:

On her actual birthday, we had a water party for her.  When the guests arrived, they got to decorate their water bottles until everyone arrived.  

 We played a water sponge target game.
 A fill up the bucket the fastest game and threw water balloons at the losing team.
 Ate some cupcakes.
 Sang the song.

 Had some popsicles, and presents.

 That evening, she chose Taste of India as her birthday dinner. 
 Her ONE surprise present (because most of her presents were in her newly decorated room).
 An Anna doll, which she guessed before opening it.  What?!  How'd she know?

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