Friday, June 7, 2013

Los Angeles (traffic) can suck it.

Mark, Cade, Jason and I all headed to Las Vegas and Los Angelos over the past few days.  The boys main objective was the baseball games.  Mine was not to get lost driving around in LA.  Which Sucks by the way!  With a capital S!!!  I used my navigation system on my phone to get me where I needed to be but the day I planned on attending the temple, my battery was way low and I thought I'd be okay so I tried it on my own...... 2 hours (2 freaking long frustrating hours!!) later, I ended up at the temple.  Just in time for the last session to start without me.  Boo!  I did other work though and it turned out fine but man, I was not a happy camper!

We rented a car to drive there and check out that temp in LV!!!  Once it got up to 110.  So incredibly grateful for air conditioning!
We walked around Las Vegas for about 3 hours the night we were staying there.  Cade was a little afraid of the clowns and crazy outfits for thier carnevale celebration but ended up saying that was his favorite part of Vegas.   

 Lilies and Roses at the Mirage!
I would drop the boys off at the game and then go do my own thing.  I took a drive both nights in LA.
 This drive was the fun one.  I just wandered around LA in the car and came across Beverly Hills and took myself on a little tour.  Gotta say, it wasn't all it's cracked up to be.  Most houses were pretty modest.

 Well, most were pretty modest.
The views from up top. 

 Cool Castle thingy.
 The best castle thingy.  Can't believe how big this temple is!  Huge compared to Utah's temples!
 Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre.

 Take a look at the streets.  LA is a very dirty place!  The next pictures are of El Capitan theatre.

 My mom had the girls and sent some pictures of what they'd been up to while we were gone.

 Seal Beach near Anaheim.  Nice little area to just sort of kick it for a while.  It was a very welcome change of pace from LA.  They had a fun little bbq place we stopped to eat at.  Laid back and very enjoyable!

 Impressive set of stickers.
Oh yeah, I picked up a boyfriend in LA.  He's rich, famous, handsome, funny and kind of waxy, but still would you look at him?

Why do I think I'm going to look back on this photo in 20 years and laugh at the size of my sunglasses?

Overall, it was a fun trip (except for the dumb traffic and navigating LA.)  The boys teams didn't win any of their games but according to them, a bad day in baseball is a great day in life. 


Natalie said...

Your trip looks like it was fun. Gotta Love LA's traffic!

Anthon Family said...

Love the post title. Your sunglasses are awesome, the better to see Johnny Depp with, right?