Friday, June 7, 2013

Dance Recital 2013

See that cute girl in the middle with the AERO shirt on?  She's the amazing owner of Starstruck Studios.  She allows me to teach dance every week to some amazing individuals.  We all have a great atmosphere at our studio and I have enjoyed my time teaching for this studio!!

This is the comp team rehearsing for the big night.

 This year it turned out to be just me and Janae.  Uh huh!  Did a duet.  It was intimidating and I think I messed up about 40 different times but it was still fun.  We danced to Taylor Swift's song 'I knew you were trouble.' for this outfit.
 Then we danced to Continued Silences 'It's time' for this one.  Janae and I have gotten really close these past two years that she's been dancing with the studio and I'm super happy she's stuck it out!!  She's the genius behind the 'glove.'  Sewed it and everything.  Way to go J!!

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