Monday, December 3, 2012

A little joyfulness....

 We've been so busy lately.  Not only with mundane everyday things but with a lot of fun joyful things too.  Here are a few shots of our more recent happy times.
Yes, I know my camera skills suck.  You'll just have to suffer through.

Here's the girls trying to access youtube on the mega computer screens at the Megaplex.  Nothing like trying to watch videos before you're going to watch a movie.  We saw Rise of the Guardians with the Wood's. Cute flick!

 This baby took up nearly 20 hours of my life in the last 3 weeks or so.  I became a bit obsessed with finishing it!
 Over the most recent weekend, we found ourselves a good old fashioned (1st ever live) Christmas tree....that was already precut.  No treking out in the wilderness for us! :)
 We partook in our ward Christmas party.  The kids were singing as part of the program.   We have a very small primary in our ward.
 I wanted to grab this shot to show cute little Brenton as well.  He's our little neighborhood friend.

And below comprise the outtakes and some real shots of an impromtu photo shoot in our very very orange bathroom.   I love the outtakes the most!  Keep in mind, the only thing I told them to do was to smile and make it look like a real smile.  Enjoy!

 I call this one the no upper lip.

 "Allie. Smile.  For real. "

 What the?

 There we go!
 And a pose to close it out.
May you be finding much joy this Christmas season!!

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