Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I'm not super happy about how any of the pictures on my iphone turned out from our vacation so, I'm on a bit of a camera strike until I can get a better camera.  That means I didn't take any photos of our thanksgiving this year.  Which was unfortunate because it was quite a feat that we all, minus one Ben and Margareth,  managed to make it into Grandma Grace's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Mammy has been staying at Grace's for a while now because Grace hasn't been feeling 100% as of late. :( So, Mam's took to the rearranging and did a fine job!  Can you say wonderwoman?  It was very very nice and cozy downstairs and we all had a great thanksgiving dinner and room to play games too!  We even got to skype with said Ben and Margeth for a bit and it was wonderful to see them!  Isn't technology wonderful!  They're halfway across the world and yet were with us on Thanksgiving too.  It was great to see you two!  It was so wondeful to spend the day with such loved family and friends!!

We didn't make it up to my parents place this year because we Jason was cooking a turkey and had to stick around to make sure it didn't burn.  We had soo much food for all of us and so many desserts that we got to take home most of the pie and apple cheesecake and stuffing we made!  Yummy leftovers!

I'm so grateful for so many things and I won't try and list them all but please know that I am so truly grateful for the things that are in my life!  I am truly blessed!

Black Friday is turning into Grey Thursday or even black Thursday around here so we cut our evening a bit short and headed home to rev up for our all nighter shopping spree.  Michelle, Kallie, Mary (a friend of Michelle's), Megan and Camille (Meg's friend), and I had a blast shopping from about 9 PM till 5:30 AM!!  So so so much fun! 

Jason let me sleep in till 1 PM the next day!  He's up there on the top of that grateful list-o-mine!

I hope your Thanskgiving/black Friday shopping was splendid!

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Lisa said...

You have waaaaayyyyy more energy than I do when it comes to Black Friday shopping-I just go to a late movie and home to bed :)

Good to talk to you, too, the other day. We need to get together and do lunch.