Friday, December 7, 2012


Tradition # 1. The Christmas Tree.

Behold:  Our very first live Christmas Tree as a married couple/family. 
 Tradition Fail:  I've been very hesitant to getting a real tree because of the cost. Also because when I was a child, I remember my parents having a fake tree...once.  And it got so dry, we could never turn the lights on for fear of lighting the tree or house on fire.  I just recently found out that back in the day, instead of watering the tree like you're suppose to, my parents decided not to water it at all.  Umm, What?  Any one who knows my parents would be shocked to know they thought it'd be okay to do this. haha!

Tradition #1- The kids tree.  Every year the girls get to go to Rainbow Gardens and pick out a favorite ornament for their tree.  This was a tradition I grew up with and have cherished memories of.  My mom would take her kids there and let us pick out 1 ornament each.  I love looking back on all the ornaments I've been able to keep.  Plus, once Jason and I were married, we never thought about needing ornaments for a Christmas tree.  When I already had a stash to start with, it was a very nice way to bridge the first Christmas away from home and fill in where we couldn't really afford to go buy a ton of Christmas decor.
 Tradition # 3- Breakfast with Santa Clause with the Breakfast Exchange Club.  This is a relatively new tradition that started only about oh, 10 or so years ago but when we go past the Ogden Golf and Country Club, our kids shout out.." Hey, there's the place we go with Grandpa Boyd to eat Breakfast with Santa Clause!"  I think it'll be one of those memories they'll hang on to for years.

I love Christmas time!  I'm grateful for all the traditions that happen each year. I'm also extremely grateful for our Saviour who's birth we celebrate at this special time of year!  Without Him well, nothing else would matter.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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