Sunday, November 11, 2012

California Vacation- Part 2

Ha.  Finally getting around to those other photo's from Jason's phone.  I forgot my phone one day and so I had to use Jason's to take photo's that last day in Disney.  Jason, Lance, Brent, and I all went to Hollywood Horror Nights one evening while the kids and Diane went swimming in the hotel pool.  No doubt the highlight of Diane's trip.
This guy is named Diamondhead, I think.  He kept creeping up behind me in the haunted house and scarring me. I usually don't get that scared but he got me 3 seperate times.   H.H.N.'s is basically Universal Studios turned Halloween..ey.  Lots of different haunted houses to walk through.  I really liked the fog throughout the park. So thick you couldn't see what was in front of your face.  I think I may have mentioned that before.

 Finally got around to seeing another princess.  Stood in line for about 25 minutes to see Rapunzel and Rider.  When we were stuck in line clear over at California Adventures, just a few hours before it was time for the princesses to leave.  I mentioned to the girls that we would have to go straight over and get in line to see the princesses if we wanted to see them.  I asked them both and both of them were so uninterested, we just left it at that.  No reason to try if they really didn't care.

 Another quality photo.  Ellyse on Dumbo.
 Two words: Jason's face.
 Finding Nemo ride.  I really enjoyed this ride and the Materhorn ride.  Those were two of my fave.'s

 Pixie Hollow  had some fairy dude that we really didn't know.  Boo! No Tinkerbell that day?  C'mon Disney, you can afford to have more than one Tinkerbell.  I was dissappointed because that's who Allie likes a lot.

Fun, fun trip!!!!

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Andrea said...

too bad we don't live in ca. i bet we could've worked as princesses. yea! wonder what they get paid...