Thursday, May 3, 2012

Allie's 5th Birthday!

 It has been a really busy weekend!  On Sunday, we had her family party.
On Saturday, we had her very first friend party.  Here the first guests are awaiting the rest of the guests.

She wanted a Dora the Explorer cake and so we made it into a whole big thing.
Jason made up this cute map for them to find the cupcakes and ice cream that Swiper swiped.

They had to each take 10 jumps on the trampoline. Run around the swingset and the fence.  Then it was on to the front yard to go around the flag pole (it had balloons on it,) and then to touch the fire hydrant.  They found the cupcakes had been hidden on the front porch.

 Going around the fire hydrant
 The Flag pole.
 Our next door neighbor, Wanda.  She came over to give Allie a hug.
 The party crew.
One of the 5 clues that we used to find each of the gifts that swiper swiped as well.  That swiper was a busy Fox that afternoon.

 From left: Beckham, Ellyse, Alix, Whitney, Kaitlyn, Maria, Sevia, Brenton, and Allie.

 Sevia's mom brought a fun bouncy house for us to use.  It was so fun for the kids!
 And, the cake.  Nothing terribly special but she wanted Dora and this was the only one we had.

We love having Allie in our lives.  She creates such a spark wherever she goes.  She's getting so funny lately.  She is so cuddly and has been ever since she was a baby.  She can be the cutest person in the world world when she wants to be.  Happy birthday to our little firecracker!

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