Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well, Allie is on a roll lately with the cute sayings.

At church on Sunday, we had a flute solo in between the talks.  It was really beautiful.  I turned to see Allie asking me if someone was dead.  

The other day Allie and I visited a nursery to grab some plants.  While we were there, we were given this awfully large grocery cart to use to gather the plants.  The aisles at the nursery were pretty thin.  I had a really hard time keeping the cart on the pathes.  Plus, the racket that stupid cart created on concrete was another thing I could have gone without. 

Checking out of the nursery was not fun.  First, you had to haul the honking cart into a little place with lots of other honking carts.  Then there was a brand new cashier who knew squat about checking people out.  Then there was the guy who I'm pretty sure budded in front of me.  Any who, it took a good 15 minutes of manuevering and waiting to get checked out.

After we got in the car on the way out of there.  I mentioned out loud how big of a madhouse that place had been.  A few seconds later Allie was like "Mom, why was that house so mad?"

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