Monday, March 5, 2012

Bday Celebrations

This year was another wonderful birthday celebration!  I LOVE my birthdays and so I'm super happy that I have others around that make it special for me. My parents and the Wood's helped out so much with keeping the kids overnight and planning special things for me! And Jason usually outdoes himself too. I'm truly blessed! 

Let's begin with Jason's date.  Before we got engaged, he planned a date where we were going to play raquetball.  I had always told my Heavenly Father that I needed to be knocked upside the head with who I needed to marry.  As we were playing raquetball that day long ago, he hit me in the head on accident with the ball.  He quickly came and consoled me with a hug and said he was sorry.  That was the moment I knew he was the one for me. :)

Well, fast forward 11 years and some odd months later, we were playing raquetball to celebrate my birthday and I ended up hitting him in the head with the ball this time around.  Funny how Karma works. Either that or raquetball is just a very violent sport.  We then got all gussied up and he took me down to the Cheesecake Factory. YUMMMMMMMM! So worth the hour and 35 minute wait!!
Listen to what was ordered..Appetizer..Thai lettuce wraps...Entree...Pasta Da Vinci ..Dessert...Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake. Um, yeah.  Amazing!!  So incredibly stuffed at the end!  It was delish and also very expensive.  We probably won't be heading back there for a long time but it was a nice way to celebrate!!!

My mom and I hung out and shopped on my actual birthday.  It was so nice!  I love hanging with my mom.  We were able to hang out all day and go to a long lunch at Sandy's.  When we came out of the parking lot, my mom spotted this eager pooch awaiting it's owner's return.  We hit a few more shops and then I went home.......
.....To this!!!  32 Balloons all with notes inside telling me how they loved me.  How amazing is that?  Totally and 100%!  We headed out to eat at Zupas and then I got to organize my closet with all my new clothes from the day. Awesome!

Then later on that week, the Wood's took us out to dinner at TGIFridays and to see the movie "This means War."  It was a lot of fun and really wonderful to hang out with all the most important people in my life.  Thanks so much for making it so special!!

This wasn't on my birthday but I figure it was a late gift.  Allie fell asleep on me while we were watching a show. Loved it!
Thanks again to everyone for all the birthday calls, wishes, and such!  It truly made my day so much better!


Lisa said...

Happy birthday Jules!!!

Andrea said...

sounds fabulous!! happy late b-day!!!!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a great one! I love the 32 balloons. What a sweet family you have!