Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Unlike my husband who calls it "that stupid day,"  I happen to rather like Valentines day!
I was excited to try butternut squash soup for the first time ever.  I did that for Jason.  I'm not a huge fan but knew he liked it.  See?  He should be happy about this day right?! :)

 And he didn't just get soup. He got a roast as well as potatoe wedges and I even took the time to make some low cal jello dessert.  Since we're trying to be good and lose some excess weight, I thought we needed something, just something with not a lot of calories in it.

The girls got a fun little heart hunt that evening.  Just filled with candy.

Do you see all that decor? Those are some MAD decorating skills..Ha, ha. He should be so lucky! ;)

 All joking aside, he did have a rather not fun day/evening up until dinnertime so I give him credit for being a good sport and hanging with us anyhow. 

He even gave me the lovely lily plant in the middle.  See, he's nice even on his "stupid day."

 These little ones loved coming home to a decorated table and fun low-cal desserts in cups. :)
Man, I am so lucky to have all of my lovies in my life to celebrate Valentimes (as Allie calls it) with!

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