Friday, November 4, 2011

Holy Autumn Update Mr. Freeze!

I feel the need to share once again. :)  Here are a bunch of pictures taken since the last post.  I hope you enjoy them all. :)   Above is grandma D at grandma J's house with all her grandkids.  They just love to go to grandma J's house so that they can sit on grandma D's lap and get stories read to them. :)
 We got to be a part of Ben and Margaret opening their mission call to Kuala Lampur Malasia mission!!  I've never been a part of someone opening their mission call and it was so exciting to participate in!!!  Congrats to them!
 Here are my brother's kids -in disguise- in front of our home.  Jason made up his yard as usual and Tiff and Daren came here to pose for pictures instead of going to a studio.  We felt special. :)  It was really cool to hang out with them!
 We finally made it to Frightmares.  We didn't have much luck this year as we got in some pretty pointless lines and stayed there for a while.  Hopefully, next year will be much better.
 We made it to India this fall! 

Well, the Taste of India anyway.  We went for Jason's birthday.  Doesn't it look like he had his ears pierced in this photo?  It's a good look for him I think.  We'll just call it a souvenier from India and roll with it.

Another headline:
 We had a baby.

 What's that?

You didn't know I was pregnant?? Well, that's because this baby was much much smaller when he was born and then blossomed like a flower in the first two months. It's a very complicated process that is just not fun to listen to, so I won't bore you with the details but good news is, we finally got our boy!

Jason's so proud of little our little zombie baby.  We named him Zach.
I think he's hideous.  I'm a horrible mother!

Here's a cool pumpkin Jason carved.

 Here's a sampling of the fog we had in our yard on All Hallows Eve.
Aw yes, the title of this post finally makes sense.  That's Lance as Mr. Freeze (he's a villian of Batman. Yes, I had to ask too) Brent's is the Hulk this year.  Nice costumes boys!

And to finish it out, here we have Charlie Brown's ghost complete with a paper grocery bag full of rocks, Cher, a unicorn, and a buzzy bee. 

 Happy Halloween Friends!


Andrea said...

cute picts julie!!! love the zombie baby!

Kathleen said...

You better share your baby secret. This being pregnant thing is not fun. And, you even ended up with a boy!
I'm sad we didn't get to see your yard in person this year. After seeing it last year, don't think the pictures do it justice. Hopefully next year we won't be this busy.
We look forward to seeing you soon!