Monday, December 5, 2011

My response...

First off.  Read this.   

I think Dan hit the point to a T with this post.

I read the above blog post and realized I do a lot of judging myself.  Something, I wish I could say I'm awful at.  I use uncertainty as an excuse to hide behind -often.  I need to stop.

Growing up in a religion that has at times made me feel superior to others, makes me a little sick of me.  I need to stop feeling like because I'm part of something I deem to be great, I'm no greater a person than any other for it. 

I know that Jesus loves all of us. No matter what religion we belong to or how we behave.  I just happen to believe in one certain religion and because of that, I need to be a better example of how Christ would act if He were beside me.  Remembering what Christ would do and then acting on those thoughts would be a lot more beneficial to myself than believing that because my religion preaches something as a sin, doesn't mean it isn't a sin to shune, judge, demote others who commit that sin.

To these things, I put up my hope that I can change some of the ways I think.  I'm trying.  I hope that by sharing this with you, you may be able to take a closer look into your lives and see if there's any tweeking necessary as well.

Here's a video of some of the responses this post received: 
Much love!