Friday, July 1, 2011

Lemowade Stand

E and A begged for a few days to do a lemowade (as Allie says it) stand. So, finally after I put them off for a few days, their daddy let them do it on the day he gets to stay home with them.

They got quite a few sales too! I think Allie figured out a secret weapon.

A lady was passing by on foot and they asked her if she wanted a lemowade. She politely told them she didn't have any coins or money with her and walked on. Fair enough.

A little later that same women came by in her car and patronized their stand. She let Jason know that she had to come back because after she told them about her not having coins, the littlest one gave her the biggest scuz face she'd ever seen!

We'll be sure to remind her of this technique come fundraising time!

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