Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun at home, Round 2

This morning I got a call from our friend who watches our girls. She wants to take the girls with her and her family to eat and wants to know if it's alright to come and pick them up?

Of course it is! How nice of you!

So, I tell the girls to get ready and I jump in the shower to get ready for work. After the shower, I'm quickly trying to make sure they brush their teeth and hair, get dressed, get shoes on, etc, in time to go with said friend. And I'm asked by Allie if I'd be willing to put this bow in her hair. Yes, honey but it's red and green and you're wearing orange today. Well, okay, yes, we can put in an orange hair thing as well as the red and green one. Sure, just tell the friend's mom not to judge me alright?

Well, in getting things done so quickly, I hadn't quite had the time to get dressed yet and because my girls are so young, I'm naked. Yes, naked. It often happens when 4 people share a bathroom, AND YOU'RE A MOM of young kids. So, anyway, as I'm putting the hair thing in Allie's hair, she studies me. Pretty soon I hear.. "You're boobs are really big!"

Well, that's a first.

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Lisa said...

She finally noticed. :) I will not hang around your daughter because she might ask where "mine" are.... That is so funny! Your girls are hilarious!