Friday, July 29, 2011

Ellyse's 7th Bday!!

Ellyse, my little lesee lou, turned 7 this year. CA RA ZEE! I was told that once you become a mom time flies, but I didn't all the way believe them.

Yeah well, they were right.

Here she is on her actual birthday opening her presents. Poor girl was sick on her actual birthday so she didn't get to enjoy eating out that night.
Amazingly, the next day she was really a lot better. It was a weird little cold that she got. She had much more energy that day. She put it to good use on all the fun we had planned. We kept asking her if she wanted to postpone her party until she felt 100% and imma give you one guess as to which answer she chose.
Here they are! All but one invited could make it. It was a carnival/circus theme party. We sent out invitations shaped like a ticket that said Admit One.
When they got there, they got a bag full of tickets, a hat, and a popcorn box that they could decorate while everyone showed up.
Then the fun started! We all played carnival games! Each participant had to use their tickets to "pay" to play the games. After each game they got to choose a prize to put in their baggies. (various jewelry and hair things).
One of the games was a water balloon toss. It was pretty funny, I think out of all the balloons that got tossed, 3 got caught. :)
Another fun game that turned out to be a hit was the Ask Zandar fortune telling game. I prepared some funny yes or no questions that the kids got to ask to Zandar and then wave their hand over the magic ball and get a yes or no answer. They had a great time with this!! Jason looks right at home with all those girls doesn't he? :)
Present time!

Then after preparing all the "concessions" and having the wind blow them over, we headed inside to enjoy our treats. They could purchase cracker jack popcorn, the animal crackers in the circus boxes, cupcakes, peanuts, cotton candy and a drink. I think most of them purchased everything. :)
Then a special guest showed up! A circus clown that knew how to make balloon animals! Yay! Allie about freaked when she walked in the door, but realized it'd be worth her time to stick around because of the balloons. :) Our clown made the birthday girl some special balloons. She did such a great job!
Here they all are with their balloons.
Family came that night. It was a whirlwind of a day of work for mom and dad! But the parties were lots of fun!
Cute Cousins!
Opening her Go Go Dog from gma D and gpa B. :)

Happy birthday my sweet sweet girl! You are such a blessing to have in our lives! You have a gentle heart and a sweet spirit about you. We are eternally grateful for you in our lives!! Love you sweetie!


Kathleen said...

What a FUN PARTY!!! Maybe we'll have to try a carnival party for one of our girls!!! They would have loved it!!!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday! So so so sorry we couldn't make it! Hads and Lolo keep asking when they get to see "our best friends again". We need to get together soon!