Friday, March 25, 2011

March Madness, retooled.

Back in February my brother in law mentioned that March is the worst as far as weather is concerned and wondered why. I told him I thought it was because you expect it to be good weather and then you get slapped in the face with the snow storm that has you scraping off snow from your car in your sandals.

You're told it's officially spring, you're tempted by a few really nice warmer days, the grass turning a bit greener, and the daylight sticking around a bit later in the evening. The shorts and capri's make their cameos. The kids get to be free outside a few more days in the week but then a storm takes all those wonderful things and smothers them in snow.

Annnd on top of it all, the TV is constantly on with stupid basketball games being played by people I have no interest in at all.

No wonder we're all mad in March, right?

How's that for your motivating speech?

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knk said...

beautiful blog i like your 2 kids they are very funny heh