Thursday, March 31, 2011


Recently heard by my ears, Ellyse and I are in the back seat together on the way home from a fun night out: E: pinky promise. Mom? Pinky promise. Pointing her finger at me. Me: it's actually called pinky swear. You do this, (link our pinkies together) and then say pinky swear. Ellyse's face gets really somber and she says you're not suppose to say that! Me: what?! E: You're really not suppose to say that! Me: honey, you can say pinky swear but you can't swear.

On the way to The Home Depot, we passed Ihop. Allie goes Look Lesee, there's the pancake place! Ellyse goes "Ihop stands for Natural House of Pancakes!" She was totally sure that that was correct too.

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