Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh what fun....Christmas Eve

One of my most favorite days! It's more like Christmas day on Christmas Eve around our families. We get most of our gifts the day prior, jealous? Yeh, I know. Plus all the yummy food too! I love it!
We started at my folks house and then on to a church for the Cowles side; as we are too big to fit comfortably in a house. Anyone who knows my mom, knows she likes a good wrapped present. "It's gotta be pretty" - I hardly ever put bows on my packages but when it comes to my mom's present, I know I have to go all out because she does the same for us. One of her cute little personality traits, is all.
Here they are, all 9 of em - together. It's a Festivus miracle!
Here are just the girls. I failed to get just the boys.
Ellyse getting her big gift from grandparents.
And most likely making their first debut as a whole on my blog - my bad - my brother's family. D's lost like 30 lb.'s or so since his scare in 09. He's a stick now!
My parent's got us all these signs that say our last names and the year of our marriage. I thought I'd spice up our photo a bit. Apparently, Jason did too.
I didn't do much at the Cowles side. I was too stuffed from all the yummy food, it made my brain all foggy. I did however, get this one of our Wii "Just Dance" off. We had a projector and used the screen in the gym and turned all the lights out. It was a major award when you won because there were brackets and semi-finals and finalists. It was a big deal. Yours truly needs much more practice on the Wii to master this!

We ended the evening with Jax (our favorite surrogate dog) being molested by Sammy dog (that dog is weird as weird can be) at the Wood's house whilest we opened up the rest of our gifts that evening.

I hope your Christmas Eve's were amazing and wonderful all wrapped up in pretty bows and ribbons!

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Andrea said...

Oh! It's your parents house!! Glad you had a merry one!!!