Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here's a look at our Christmas morning.

These fun little press on nails shown on Ellyse were stocking gifts from Santa. Mom and dad hope that Santa doesn't stuff them in her stocking again. (They really didn't work)

We had a very extra special guest at our home for about 10 days this December and man, was it a blast to have him around! His name is Jax. He's a border collie and bernice mountain dog mix. Darling right? I think he's downright adorable!
Do you know how difficult it is to get a dog to hold still amongst so much activity? Super duper hard.
Here's a better shot. However, Ellyse looks like she's riding a small horse.
Something funny about Jax was that he was super protective of me. He would follow me around EVERYWHERE. It was actually very sweet to be adored like that! But as we found out one night, Jason gave me a hug, and Jax went nuts. He was barking and jumping up and down and sqeezing his way in between us. We had ourselves a good laugh at that one.

Then we'd do it just to bug him. :)

My heart ached for him the day he had to go home.

To the the owners: if, you know, you ever get sick of having that super amazing dog, he has a solid home over at our house. :)

One of the best Christmas gifts we all received was having him with us! Thanks!

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Tobi's looking for a new home....