Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Madness

Last Thursday my dad's club hosted Breakfast with Santa once again. We ate a yummy breakfast and a had a special visitor show up during it.

Then on Saturday he showed up AGAIN. Man, he must like us or something. We had our annual Cowles family bowling party and he showed up there too! We were super lucky ducks!
It was darling. Allie ran straight up to Santa on this night and gave him a big ol hug. :) Ellyse noticed that Santa on Thursday wasn't as chipper and happy as he was on Saturday. Hmmmmmmmm.....

Oh and Jason, his brother Lance, and his cousin Jeff all learned the Napoleon Dynamite dance over the past few weeks and that night was their big show! Take a look!

Thanks again boys, you guys were so great to teach!


Kathleen said...

Kent's jealous! Jason's got some moves!!! That was awesome!!!!

Kent said...

Seriously, Jason is GOOD! I've watched a couple of the other Napolean dances on youtube after watching this and NO ONE gets the persona down like Jason did. He is amazing. I definitely think he wins the "dance off."