Monday, October 5, 2009

One of my favorites....

On a morning last week, my favorite radio show paid a visit to my little town. I actually had to be up early enough that day and also was kidless, thanks to a meeting I had to attend, so I used my time wisely and stopped in for a visit. "The Radio from Hell show," at a local diner. Don't let the name freak you out. It's a great show!
Doing what they do best.
The great Kerry, Bill, and Gina. I was excited to see all of them all together.
I even got a photo with Richey T. We looked for someone to take the photo of us but all were busy so we quickly did a hand held photo.

It was funny cuz, he almost forgot to put in his teeth before he took the shot. I think the photo would have had a LOT more character had he forgotten them.

Love, love, love the show! Thanks X96! And thanks be to Jake, Carl, Jason, Cindy, and or Sarah for introducing me to the wonderful show!


Jonesy said...

Where was this at?

julie said...

It was at the Beez cafe that just opened recently.