Monday, September 21, 2009

Hyrum State Park, over Labor Day weekend.

This was our view. I know right?
To the west.
Miss E and A on the beach, throwing rocks into the Dam.

I think if Jason could wish one thing, it's that I wouldn't bring the camera most places I do. Say Cheese!
We hung out a lot and played games and roasted marshmellows. Allie threw fits about the wind. The wind is not her friend people. I'm not exactly sure why but she loathes it! We had to let her fall asleep in the car each and every night because of that darn wind, and then transfer her foggy minded body into the tent. All this JUST because there was a little wind.
Michelle colored with Ellyse but truth be told, I think she wanted the whole book to herself. :) Well.... do you see Ellyse in this photo?
We ate here. We won't again.
Mister C. Isn't he cute? She's not bad either.
Allie likes to hug Boozer.

It was a very nice trip and way fun to sit and relax and hang out with great company. Thanks be to the W's who provided this lovely trip!

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