Monday, September 21, 2009

E's weekend in August

Once a year, Ellyse gets to go on a trip with gma and pa E. up to Star Valley - their home away from home. She had a blast. I've never missed her so much in my life.
Meet Dixie, Ellyse's new found bestest friend. Which I think is just marvelous because Dixie didn't get to have any kids in this life.
Meet Nikki, Dixie's dog.
Dixie, Ellyse, and Nikki went on many walks together.
Ellyse loved to go the stream and throw rocks in. Gma C introduced Ellyse to the art of painting rocks. Ellyse painted a rock for Dixie. And mom. And dad. And Allie. And I think the rest of the inhabitants of Star Valley. It's TOTALLY doeable.
There's a pool there! Did I ever mention how much Ellyse likes to swim?

Ellyse thinks it's a shame she doesn't go more than once a year.

I don't know if J and I's hearts could handle more than that.

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