Monday, October 12, 2009

Jason's masterpiece

Jason LOVES Halloween. I mean, really likes it. So he's taken it upon himself to make our front yard very much Halloween worthy.

The girls have had just about as much fun as daddy has had when putting all this stuff up. He even made them each a zombie. How sweet. Allie is always asking "Where's my aalloween duff?"

You should really come take a look at his masterpiece of a yard if you know where we live. In case you don't get a chance, here are a few pic's for you. The Flagpole.
Pumpkin head

Ellyse's zombie. Yes, holding it's own head. Allie's zombie.
Overall look
The doorsteps.

Notice: there are no vampires. Because, "they're sissies"

Happy Halloween!


Jonesy said...

Jason cracks me up. Will you actually be home to give out treats this year, or are you leaving candy in a bowl again?

Melissa said...

Awesome job, Jason! You can come do my house next year! ;)

Natalie said...

Wow, where do you get zombies?

LeLe said...

That is AWESOME!! Great job! Halloween is Mitch's favorite as well.

Mark said...

I have seen a lot of cool stuff in my life .... but that is awesome

Andrea said...

Wow! That really is scary!!