Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, this is a regular feature on the blog that I read, After listening to this momversation, I thought about a few things. Our daughter E, seems to find a lot of excuses to "need" medicine. Mom, I have a stomache ache, I think I need a tum. But mom, Allie gets to have some medicine.
Isn't it scary that today's medicines taste so good that our kids actually want to take it whenever possible? What ever happened to the medicine that almost made you feel better because you had to puke just to get the taste out of your mouth? Am I saying that I'm not glad that my kids don't give me crap when they actually need it? No. I'm just saying that this momversation brought up a scary situation where a teenager gets her heart broken and immediately seeks medication for it. Really?
Can I get one of those pills that makes things all better when I don't go to work and the mortgage is due?

I'm interested...What are your thoughts?

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Carly said...

Farrah loves "juice" aka Tylenol. Lucky for me she doesn't get fevers very often. I grew up in a house that always had expired medicine (because we just didn't ever use it). Hopefully it will continue to be that way. I do agree that in some cases, medication is definitely a must!