Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Allie's 2nd birthday party.

Can you tell she's two? She climbed up onto a stool in the kitchen and gave herself a little taste of the frosting. This kid doesn't mess around when it comes to food man. Give her an obstacle to get to the food and see her rise to the challenge. Smart little chica!
We had a nice little party on Friday night and everyone came and we all had a good time. Especially Allie. Here she is with Grandma D. Down below she's blowing out her candles, opening her gifts, and then with her balloons. Since she's the second girl, buying gifts for the occasion was not as easy as one might think. She does love trucks though. So we got her a tonka truck garage and a little people bus.

She loves to point out all the trucks as we pass them by in the car. She yells Twuck mommeee! right dere momee! Yes, I meant to add the exclamation points. Usually she calls them all bwue twucks (blue trucks). She LOVED the piwwow she got from gma C and gpa B. She pulled it straight from the package and began to lay on it. We're soo happy she's in our life and that she had a wonderful 2nd birhtday!

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